Due ASAP..(Nov. 20th)

Photos for J.V. Banquet (would hate for any player to be left out)

 Families Please select 3 photos from Craig’s pictures, find a max of 3 pictures with your son to send in.

1)  Click in the album you want

2)  Click on the picture to make it LARGER

3)  Click the information icon = (ℹ) on the bottom right in the LARGE picture.

  • in the “Photo info” box: (copy & paste the “NAME” info)

  • ie:  20171012 PHU JV vs. Largo (269 of 427).jpg

 Pick & Send in “photo info”, from 3 pictures (like example below) 

J.V.  #5 Johnny Smith

20170922 PHU JV @ Seminole (24 of 577).jpg

20171019 PHU JV vs. EL (236 of 468).jpg

20171012 PHU JV vs. Largo (269 of 427).jpg

link to pictures :


send the “photo info” to Booster”s email at:   [email protected]