Heidi Allen, Board President

Brooke Boccacino, 1st Vice President

Gia Muscaro, Recording Secretary

Heather Milleman, Director of Special Events


This weeks meal:

Still in need of produce for snacks for pregame dinner and halftime

First Watch will donate a case of Bananas for this weeks game 8/17

Need Board Members to reach out to local Publix, Winn Dixie, Sprouts etc.. to secure donations for future games.


This weeks game:


Parking: Marilyn and Joyce East lot, Gia and Mike Student lot

Chains: Jody Hair, Ed Schmid, Hugh Rutledge and Mike Burnett

Camera Mike B.


Canes Cards will be distributed to the players on Monday in packs of 10 with a letter to parents.

Email reminders need to go out weekly to players and parents for the three week selling window.

Alescia will pick up moneys from the students


Glory Days

Offered to do Spirit Night every Wednesday. They will give back 20% for anyone from PHU.

The Board will pick a few big game weeks to focus on and blast that info to player, parents, students and teacher.  Those dates will be determined.  First possible week would be East Lake Game, homecoming and Senior Night.

Need to create fliers and send emails


Volunteer Badges

Everyone need to have and wear their current PINK 2018/19 badge while volunteering.

Those interested in a level 2 badge need to be fingerprinted.  Heidi suggested this should be done as a group.  Those interested in level 2 need to contact Heidi.



Monika has generously volunteered to take game photos at both Varsity and JV games this season.  Monika will post pictures on a Shutterfly account.  The Shutterfly account information will be given to Booster Club members only.

The Board has suggested that she be compensated for her time.  This was agreed upon by board members present. A fee will be presented at the next board meeting.

We are still in need of a Photographer to do Player Portraits and Team Pictures.  We are also in need of a cinematographer for game film.  Brooke has agreed to make some phone calls to local photographers and the school.


Breast Cancer T-Shirts

We can purchase Breast Cancer t-shirts for $6.50 to sell for $15.00. They are dry-fit ¾ sleeve pink softball type t-shirts.  These would be sold at the 9/28 Riverview game and at the 10/3 Booster Club Meeting. To be worn at the Manatee game 10/5.

We would need to have a volunteer sell at the game on 9/28.  Heidi is going to check on existing inventory before we decided to order these shirts.



Brooke has put together a Volunteer spreadsheet that she will update and send to the board members. This has everyone game assignments.  If you have a conflict please contact Brooke to switch up your days.  We still have several vacancies to fill.  An email will go out to parents next week to help fill those slots.

Brooke suggested we put a fish bowl at the ticket table on game day to help capture missing parent contact information.  We will do this at the next home game.